Employment Programs

Employment Success Programs at ILRC

We believe that employment and skill development can be vital to one’s sense of personal success. 
We are committed to bringing excellent employment programming to help you build that success!

Currently, we offer three funded employment programs that each have a separate set of eligibility criteria and functionality in what they provide you by way of supporting your employment goals.

Our Employment Facilitators will work with you directly and immediately to ensure we find the best fit program and service for you. It is important that as a new program participant, you are able to work with us honestly as we assess you for the best possible program stream. At times, you may be eligible for more than one of our programs simultaneously; we will advise you of this and ensure you are enrolled in all programs you that you are eligible.

If for any reason you are not eligible for our employment programs, we will make every effort to refer you to alternate services in Thunder Bay, as they are available and we are aware.   


Yes Youth Can is meeting the unique employment needs that assist Thunder Bay's youth with disabilities to reach their individual success!

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Our FAST Program creates unique access to training and skill development that promotes employment success!

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We are a provider of ODSP Employment Supports working with all persons with disabilities who seek to become employed on their terms!

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Employment programs rely on genuine, meaningful relationships with all community employers and stakeholders. 

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Your Personal Success:

It is important to remember that success is personal and we approach this with you personally. There is never just “one way” to achieve success, and we follow no predetermined path to assist you in realizing your success. At every opportunity, we seek to partner with ambitious people who are ready-to-work and are interested in assessing their skills to find the best possible path for themselves.

You may be a person who has not worked in some time beginning a new job at one, three hours per week; or a person who qualifies for Heavy Equipment Operator funding completing the course and starting work at 40 hours per week; or a person who realizes that returning to school instead of working right now is best for you; or a person that would like to take training that will increase your eligibility to increase your hours in your current job: it’s all success!


Part of realizing your success may be to undertake independent job search. We've tried to make starting this process easier than ever by providing a listing of the most popular online services to get you started. Click Here to visit this curated service listing just for you!

ILRC Employment Program Team:

We've learned plenty over the past 25 years of providing employment programming in the Thunder Bay region, and nothing is more important than having a responsive and compassionate team to deliver these services: our current team embodies those traits better than ever! No matter who you connect with directly, our team works collaboratively to ensure that you are provided the best possible service and outcome. We encourage you to access our services when you are most ready to become employed, as our goal is to work efficiently and effectively with you to enable you to reach your employment goals as quickly as possible. 

Jennie Gibbons - Employment Program Coordinator / Program Facilitator - Yes Youth Can 

Lindsay Baranyk - Program Facilitator - WorkES - ODSP Employment Supports

Emily Bailey - Program Lead Facilitator - FAST for Employment

Kerry Youmans - Program Facilitator - FAST for Employment

Carolyn Whipp - Program Facilitator - Employment Outreach and Engagement