Outreach and Engagement

Employment Program Outreach and Community Engagement


As you might expect, providing comprehensive and successful employment programs involves many moving parts. Our Employment Outreach and Engagement is integral in promoting the successful collaboration among all community stakeholders; including employment program participants and community employer partners.

Community Organization Engagement and Participant Referral Outreach

It is important that all community organizations that are working with prospective participants are kept up-to-date about the many funded employment programs and services offered at ILRC Thunder Bay. We provide comprehensive information regarding all of our initiatives in any format that suits you and/or your team best. In all instances, we seek to partner with you in support of those you are supporting: hopefully becoming an additional resource that promotes any eligible person's employment success.

Community Employer Partnership Development

Developing and nurturing a strong partnership with as many community employers is vital to the success of our employment programs. These partnerships build the foundation of like-minded industry leaders that express a willingness to provide Work Experience and Employment for the many participants actively enrolled in our programs. We welcome any employer ot connect with us so that we can provide you comprehensive information about the many benefits that come from hiring, training, and retaining the many independent persons with disabilities that are active in our programs. 

How To Connect With Us:

We connect with you on your terms:

  1. Book a telephone consultation with us to review any or all of our current employment programs
  2. Book a personalized presentation for any or all of our employment programs in person (currently available via ZOOM if we host - or we can attend your hosted meeting on any virtual platform)
  3. Request written materials that you can share with your team or those you support 

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