Yes Youth Can

Yes Youth Can


The newest addition to our set of employment programs is the Yes Youth Can (YYC) program. We designed YYC with today's youth in mind! Realizing that youth with disabilities may face unique barriers when trying to access their labour market, we developed a program that is funded by the Youth Employment Success Strategy to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to employment success development with eligible participants. 

Participant Expectation:

To participate in our Yes Youth Can program, it is imperative that you are ready to make the commitment to yourself to gain valuable training and work experience. You must agree to work with us directly and stay in regular contact with us so that we can provide you with the best possible service. We're here to assist you in helping yourself; expecting you to be an equal partner and putting in the effort it may take to become successfully employed. 

Benefits for Participants:

The YYC Program is comprised of 2 main areas of focus:

1 - Pre-employment

  • Take part in a paid, 4 week pre-employment training program
  • Training is currently delivered virtually and we can help to ensure you can access training
  • Discover your skills and assess your employability in a comfortable and supportive environment
  • Gain valuable job-readiness training and complete courses to help you succeed
  • Create a current and comprehensive resume and cover letter
  • Learn effective job-search strategies and practice interview techniques in person
  • Much more!

2 - Quality Work Experience (QWE)

  • Take part in a paid, 12 week Quality Work Experience with one of our Community Employer Partners
  • Funding is available for work related requirements such as: transportation, uniforms, safety gear, etc.
  • Support and mentoring is provided throughout QWE

Quality Work Experience - Defined: This program offers Quality Work Experience funding to eligible participants with our Community Employers Partners. QWE funding is intended to provide you with the opportunity to gain valuable and transferable  work experience. This opportunity may result in an employer retaining you after this pre-determined period or it may result in an end to your work experience. Community Employer Partners are committed to providing program participants with on-the-job, recent, real world experience, but are not always able to retain program participants beyond that time. This program is designed to enable you to leverage the QWE period to continue your employment search and success independently. 

Getting Started - Program Eligibility:

The YYC Program MUST check that you meet the eligibility criteria before you will be considered for participation. We will assist you at every step to ensure you are or can become eligible.

Program applicants must:

  • Be between 16 and 30 years of age
  • Be an independent youth who self-discloses a disability
  • Be legally entitled to work in Canada and Ontario
  • Be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Protected Person
  • Be in possession of your SIN and a valid piece of I.D.

Currently, with COVID 19 restrictions to Public Access, we can assess your eligibility over the phone and via virtual meeting using ZOOM.

Please keep in mind, we do not have control over your eligibility, but rather we submit the information you provide to Canada. If for any reason you are found not eligible, we can typically provide you the reason why you are found not eligible.

Contact Us Today:

Jennie Gibbons -
Yes Youth Can Program Coordinator

Community Employer Partners

Yes Youth Can is unique in several ways, and we believe it is that uniqueness that will benefit you the most as a Community Employer Partner.

Yes Youth Can works directly with small numbers of eligible youth with disabilities in our community who have demonstrated a high level of drive and ambition to gain employment training and work experience. Eligible and suitable youth will spend several weeks with our staff learning valuable work related skills and gaining a fundamental understanding of how best to be a valued employee. Once our training is completed, we are seeking valued Community Employer Partners, such as you, to undertake the crucial role of providing a Quality Work Experience for program participants so they will gain the critical real-world, practical experience and training only you are able to provide.

Quality Work Experience (QWE) is best defined as:

  • ILRC staff support you through every step of providing a QWE to Yes Youth Can
  • Only youth who complete training and express interest in your business will be referred to you.
  • You will interview Yes Youth Can candidates before agreeing to provide them a QWE.
  • Youth are employed by you as your employees for a determined start and end date of 12 weeks.
  • You will train and expose them to similar experiences that all of your employees undertake.
  • ILRC reimburses you 100% of wages and MERCs paid to Yes Youth Can employees for the entire QWE duration.
  • You are not obligated to the ILRC or the Yes Youth Can program in any way, other than to effectively provide the QWE.

We are seeking partnerships ongoing as we continue to complete training with program participants. This partnership agreement only signals that you are willing to employ Yes Youth Can youth during their QWE program requirement.

We look forward to your agreement to become a Community Employer Partner with us and the Yes Youth Can program. It is only with partners such as you that we can continue to build the best community possible for all persons with disabilities!

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